Convert Text to PNG in Your Website

Text to PNG provides webmasters with the ability to convert their website headlines and navigations to PNG images automatically. The process is very simple and automated, it works by adding a small JavaScript file and selecting which tags to replace. The purpose of this script is to ease editing graphical headlines and navigations. For example, you can change the headline in Photoshop, optimize and save the image and upload it to the server to update a graphical headline, or just change the headline text in your HTML file and the image will automatically update.


This entire website doesn’t use any graphical headlines, which means, the logo, navigation and headers are good examples of our script. But if you want to see some more, Here are more examples (view the source code to see the HTML):

Before & After

Before and After

How to use it:

For complete instructions on how to implement this script into your website, go to Get The Code page.

Quick Start:

Add the following code to the Head section in your page:

<script type="text/javascript" language="javascript" src=""></script>
<script type="text/javascript" language="javascript">
	text2png.onLoad = function(){
        // on of the replace functions below

Replace http with https for secure pages

Use one of the following functions to replace the HTML tags:

  • text2png.replace(element id [, element id [, element id … [, options]]]);
  • text2png.replaceTags(tag name [, tag name [, tag name … [, options]]]);
  • text2png.replaceAll(element id [, element id [, element id … [, options]]]);